Unions and Community Organizations

Champaign County AFL-CIO

Champaign County Young Democrats

Champaign Firefighters Local 1260

East Central Illinois Building Trades Council

Community Leaders

Amy Armstrong (Champaign Unit 4 School Board President)

Scott Bennett (State Senator)

Chaundra Bishop (Public Health Worker, Candidate for Urbana City Council - Ward 5)

Matt Duco (Champaign County Democrats - Precinct Committee Person, Local Attorney)

Paul Faraci (City of Champaign Township Assessor)

Mike Frerichs (Illinois State Treasurer )

Matt Gladney (Champaign City Council - At-Large)

Jordan Humphrey (Champaign County Board District 5)

Josh Hartke (Author, Former Champaign County Board District 6)

Mary King (Champaign County Board District 10)

Kyle Patterson (Champaign County Board Chair)

Cameron Raab (Champaign County Board District 6)

Stephanie Seawell Fortado (Champaign County Board  District 8)

Kathy Shannon (Champaign Unit 4 School Board)

Jennifer Straub (Champaign County Board District 9)

Leah Taylor (Champaign County Board District 5)

James Tinsley (Democratic Organizer, Former Champaign County Board District 11)

Wayne T. Williams Jr. (Cunningham Township Assessor)

Steve Summers (Champaign County Board District 9)

Deborah Frank Feinen(Mayor of Champaign)

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