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Youth Employment Program

We have become a financial as well as participating partner in the Unit 4 Youth Employment Program. Helping connect Unit 4 students with employers as well as give them professional career guidance. Additionally, we have sponsored an annual summer program for at risk teenagers, providing them guidance and direction.

Fan Program


Our fan program has grown significantly, providing fans to hundreds of low income seniors in our community and we have worked with other agencies to provide Thanksgiving baskets to our clients as well as others in need in Champaign. 


Prosperity Gardens


The Township bought and operates Prosperity Gardens to provide labor education to those in need and to put fresh produce on the plates of our underserved. 



We started a nationally renowned CU@Work program that employs the homeless in Champaign, getting them back on their feet and providing them the dignity they deserve.




Since taking office, we have revamped the Township website providing all documents, ordinances, financials, and records to the citizens at the touch of a button. We started the use of social media to regularly update citizens on not only events and issues at the Township, but also around the community. We strive to be the people's Township and will continue to place transparency as a top priority. 

Community Relations


As Township Supervisor, I have reached out to local government and social services agencies to partner on initiatives. We have successfully been able to serve more of our citizens and provide more to our citizens by the partnerships we have formed. 

"I am proud of the work we have accomplished at the City of Champaign Township since taking office in 2013. We have increased programs, updated technology and enhanced operations. We will continue to build on these accomplishments and much more moving forward."

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